2017 Buhler A2-BRBXL


SORTEX A2-BRBXL Optical Sorter
Capacity: 400-600 bu/hr

- High-resolution ColorVision inspection system – targets subtle color variations as well as light and dark color defects
- Enhanced InGaAs technology – removes foreign material that is the same color as the good product
- Proprietary PROfile™ (shape) technology including SmartEject™ – sorts products and foreign material which are the same color as the good product using shape characteristics
- Flexible broadband LED and broad-spectrum (IR) lighting system – enhanced defect recognition in the visible and infrared spectrum range
Automated background for module to module consistency

Feed system
– 2 modules – 300mm sorting width each module
– Customized feeding system including application specific chute profile for accurate feeding
– Flexible sorting configurations including simultaneous re-sort capability – improves final reject ratio & yield
– Digital feedback vibrator technology
– Food-contact safe anodized chutes

Ejection system
– Designed in-house, long-life, high resolution easily serviceable ejectors
– SmartEject™ system – fires precisely at the whole object to ensure efficient removal

Software & display
– 12.1” color touch screen
– Proprietary software with individual defect sensitivity controls for various defect types
– Multi-language user interface
– Product modes to handle multiple applications

– Proprietary automated product tracking – Constantly scan and adjust sorting performance based on incoming product to provide consistent product quality
– Auto-calibration
– Auto-wiping – maintains a clean optical viewing area during operation
– SORTEX AnyWare – optional remote access for real-time monitoring by Bühler engineers